About us

We are the ‘Venture Builder’ business of one of Africa’s largest financial services ecosystems in Nigeria and are focused on digital technologies that have the potential to fundamentally improve lives. Our ecosystem is renowned for innovation and agility in building successful businesses.

Tech Innovation Leaders in Nigeria.

Combining entrepreneurial execution, technological capabilities and diverse exceptional talent, we continuously challenge the status quo to reshape the way technology impacts the financial markets specifically and the larger society more broadly.

What we do

Our creativity is evidenced in the depth and intensity of our various engagement sessions that enables successful ideation. Upon the identification and/or development of a viable idea, we work up a suitable business model and leverage on our resources to create a framework for a sustainable venture.

The uniqueness of our ventures with their products and/or services enables us to carve a niche early on in the launch process. We identify the ideal product platform and execute the appropriate marketing strategy that will give us the visibility and accessibility needed to successfully launch.

We work up a system for accelerated growth that will see the ventures within our ecosystem attaining maximum potential within 5 years and continuous improvement and growth year on year thereafter. Scaling is a direct consequence of our structure.

Our team

Exceptional talent

We are a community of experts who share a vision for digital transformation and have created an efficient structure that empowers the workforce. We have an unwavering belief and strong conviction in the potential of people and their ideas. This faith in people and ideas is the reason we embrace companies at the ideation and seed stage and build them out to be ventures that deliver immeasurable value and impact.

"We help Africa's most innovative tech startups grow quickly."